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From the Shadows of my Soul – NOW AVAILABLE!

“Sharmaine Anna Dobson has done it again! She has written another inspirational story of hope and transformation. As in ‘From Tears to Triumph’, Sharmaine has skilfully stepped into the shoes of an eclectic range of courageous folk and she has given each a voice. ‘From the Shadows of my Soul’ is a book to honour everyday heroes who have overcome extraordinary circumstances in their lives. It is a collection of poems and stories authentically and tenderly depicting people’s hurts and pain and showing that darkness and pain can indeed become enlightenment and freedom when Life stories are really heard.” Georgina Jardine.


From Tears to Triumph (Revised Edition) NOW AVAILABLE

So many people have had the enemy turn circumstances in their lives against them to try and destroy the beauty of the destiny that God has for them. From Tears to Triumph is a devotional written to encourage God’s people to take the time to reflect on the things of the Kingdom, and the heart of their King. Using poetry, testimonies and scripture, to uplift, inspire and bring hope to all.


Mirabelle – Revised Edition

Mirabelle was born into a family at war. The worst type of war, one that rages within. Abuse, addiction, adultery. She endures and survives, finding a fragile peace. This too comes crashing down as she receives the worst possible news. Will she triumph once again? And will she ever truly be free from her past and present demons?


Awakening of the Heart by J.L. Dawson

Abigail’s life was one of hardship and loss. She grew up bitter and shut her heart off to people, until a young doctor, gently and slowly broke through to win her heart. When finally after many years of marriage and heartache her deep longing to become a mother is fulfilled, she faces the most unthinkable tragedy. With the help of her friends and a tiny baby, Abigail embarks on a journey towards healing. But will her broken and dormant heart ever be able to love again? Could it ever be awakened?


George’s World, Where is my Dad? by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

George’s World is a very skillful short story which sets out to give the child a voice and a sense of hope, so that they are guided to find their way when a mother, father or carer is absent from their life.


A New Season, A New Song by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

An audio CD/MP3 with devotionals, poetry and inspiring background music.


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