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Awakening of the Heart
by J. L. Dawson

I was enchanted by this book and by a few chapters in, was hooked! This is not my usual genre, but I was intrigued by the reality of life on the prairie and the realism in which the author penned this novel. The descriptions were amazing, they enabled me to be there and see the surroundings, the characters and experience all the emotions of this story.
I definitely look forward to the sequel! – Goodreads reviewer.

I remember reading this book and going on an emotional roller coaster! From weeping to anger, sadness to joy, Awakening of the Heart leads the reader into a beautiful innocent and tumultuous time, where morals and integrity were the mainstay, and faith was central to everything.
I highly recommend this book and cannot wait for the sequel!! – Amazon reviewer.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It doesn’t take you long to feel like Abigail is someone you personally know and are cheering on. From watching her struggle with infertility to watching her lose everything she loves most, it is truly a rollercoaster of emotions that I wouldn’t have managed without my handy box of tissues! A beautifully written story that touches on struggles that are just as relevant today, as the time period that this book is set in, and making the characters feel like tangible and real friends whose lives you can’t help but become invested in.” Deanna Kloosterboer

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