My daughter wrote this quite a while ago, but I think it’s utterly gorgeous. Enjoy!!


Not long ago, my beautiful Pop was diagnosed with dementia. I wrote this for him a few years ago as a gift. Now I wish to share so you all can see how I see my beloved Pop…

The stage is set, curtains are drawn. An audience brimming with anticipation, silently wait for the show to begin. Suddenly, the lights go out. In the darkness the atmosphere is electric, the audience whispers excitedly, wondering what the Maestro has in store for them.

Then, as if on cue, there is silence.

The only sound is of footsteps, slowly, deliberately walking on the stage. As one, the audience looks up at the stage trying to see through the darkness to where the Maestro is.

A quiet melody begins, fingers delicately dancing across the keys with the music. Hundreds of lights dance across the drawn curtains like magical creatures flitting about, here and…

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And off we go!

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Hello and welcome to the very first blog from SparkleMoon Publishing. I’m glad you’ve found us 🙂

Today is a triumphant day, with myself having just sent everything off to the printers, for a mid July release of our first book. How utterly exciting and completely exhausting.

Between being the proofreader, editor, designer, author, spell checker, wrangling new software, learning new programmes and being the general ‘everybody’, I am utterly shattered!

However having said that, I am elated that after fluffing around since December of last year with my manuscript, that it’s finally ready to be printed.

In the meantime, blogging on my other website, designing websites for other clients, editing and proofreading four other manuscripts, as well as being wife and mum to a boy off school for two weeks; well it’s a whirlwind of activity around here.

If you would like to get in touch regarding your own manuscript, please do so on the contact form. We’re very excited to work alongside other writers and authors, and see what kind of genius we can all come up with!

Take care, stay safe and be blessed.

Sandi 🙂