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Sandi Wilson

I (Sandi) have always had a love for words. Hours spent laying in a hammock on the front lawn of our farm, reading all the novels I could find in my parents library, as well as the library at school. Floating off into imaginary worlds, wondering about foreign cultures, places beyond the rural world I was living in – books and poetry of many different genres, ignited my young wandering soul. Journaling became a mainstay early on in life, and remains to this day.
After seeing my adult daughters leave in quick succession, I started a blog to share my thoughts with a new audience. Blogs became a story and the story became a book. The book to my surprise, was picked up by a leading publisher and started me on a brand new journey.
We started an Independent Publishing House, SparkleMoon Publishing (www.sparklemoonpublishing.net), to bridge a gap between authors and publishing houses that didn’t seem interested in the Faith based niche, locally.
Currently I am writing a second book in the Mirabelle series, and focused on helping our authors in their respective literary journeys.

My personal website: http://www.sandisparklewilson.com

J. L. Dawson

I grew up on a dairy farm in Wellsford, a small town in the north island of New Zealand. I spent fifteen years as a teacher in New Zealand and abroad, before becoming a stay at home Mum, and completing my graduate degree in Theology.
Having lived in Australia and the USA for a time, these experiences have added to my love of people and history.
Blessed with a vivid imagination and the love of classical literature and historical fiction, I virtually grew up bosom buddies with Anne Shirley; romping with Jo March and her sisters; sailing a raft down the Mississippi with Huckleberry Finn or living in the ‘little house’ with Laura Ingalls.
Born and raised in a strong Christian family, my faith is at the centre of who I am, with a lifetime of being involved in Churches and Christian Camps. These two loves, literature and the Lord, have inevitably converged into writing compelling stories of strong Christian women, courageously facing the hardships of life on the frontier. It is my hope that women of all ages would find encouragement from my heroine’s experiences that, while fiction, so often mirror even our modern lives.
I currently resides in the small north island town of Waipu in New Zealand, where I lives with my husband, sons, father-in-law, and two very lazy cats!

My authors facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/J-L-Dawson-Author-106773071117051

Sharmaine Anna Dobson

As a child, I would write poetry and put my many musings on paper. I loved to dream, words would flow, poems would ooze out of me, but most were kept to myself.
Not until the 2000’s did I bring myself to start painting, simply as a way to put on canvas, all that I was seeing and feeling in this world. As each stroke hit it’s mark, my soul was emptied out and I could breathe again.
In 2014, I wrote a notelet called ‘A Cry Beneath the African Sky’ – an ode to my homeland, and a place that dwells within my heart. This was also the year that I published ‘Let the Rain Fall’ which was sung by the talented Jack Casey. Later that year I would write my first book, ‘From Tears to Triumph’, and record an audio CD of poetry, prose and devotionals, fulfilling a lifelong dream.
I am now an integral part of SparkleMoon Publishing, of which I am thrilled.
I also published ‘George’s World, Where is my Dad?’ in 2018, the first in a series of a young boy who grows into a teen and faces many challenges.
I have a Masters in Counselling and am immersed both in Counselling and in Ministry, as the Lord allows.
I have a wonderful husband George, and two great children, Anthony and Kerry-Lee. I have some wonderful grandchildren, who light up my life!

My personal website is: http://www.sharmaineannadobson.com

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