We believe that working in partnership directly with you, hearing your thoughts and articulating your vision, creates and environment in creative excellence.


We will strive to bring you the best possible outcome by utilizing the talents of true professionals whilst maintaining that true hands on approach.


Most of the expertise in novel writing is already done – by you! You know your own work, what you want and how to articulate this; we are here merely to polish up and finalise your script so that it can be the best!

About Us
Sandi & Neil Wilson

We started SparkleMoon Publishing two weeks before the coronavirus hit! While I (Sandi) do the majority of the literary work, it is Neil who is the technical genius! We now have three Authors we represent, with a combination of over twelve books that will be released in the near future. We hail from North of Auckland, and also run a Communications business. We are the proud parents of five children, and have a great love for travel and adventure.

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