New Stock and Sale Ending…

Awakening of the Heart & My Way

Hello everyone

The good news, is that both Awakening of the Heart by J. L. Dawson, and My Way by Sandi Wilson, are both back in stock.

The sad news is, the free postage is ending on Monday 19 April. So get in quick, as stocks won’t last!

The pre-production of Shepherd of the Heart is coming along great. The cover is being designed as I type this, so here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too much longer for the finished product….

We are starting a new competition featuring Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson’s body of Literary work. As the recipient of the International Society of Poets award, Dr Dobson’s poetry is celebrated all over the world, and reflects real life, raw emotions, faith in God and deep pondering. Be sure to enter to be in the draw to win all her books and audio CD.

We are also in the preliminary stages of Sharmaine’s new book Whispers in the Storm, which promises to build on her previous volumes, but with an added bonus! Details to follow πŸ™‚

In the meantime, be blessed and take care.

Published by SandiSparkleWilson

Sandi is first, and foremost, a wife to Neil, mother to Stephanie, Julianna and Sammy and a woman of Faith. Sandi, through SparkleMoon Publishing, helps other new and published authors, with getting their own works out into the Literary field. Sandi loves to travel and immerse herself in new cultures and experiences, is a bit of a movie buff and loves researching the more β€˜interesting’ things in life! Currently, Sandi is writing the sequel to her Internationally released novel 'Mirabelle' with other literary works in the pipeline.

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