February Update!

Well, we are into February now; the kids were back at school, and Mum (me) was going to have the time to get refocused on writing and publishing! And then Lockdown Level Three happened for us in the Auckland Region 😦 Never mind, I had homeschooled my two daughters for five years, so having Sir at home and doing most of his work on his Chromebook and through Zoom, isn’t much of a bother.

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and new years. It was so good to sit back and relax – I think I even read a book or three 🙂

‘Shepherd of the Heart’ by J. L. Dawson

As most of you may know by now, we are in the process of getting Jo’s second book, ‘Shepherd of the Heart’ ready for publishing. This promises to grip you as the first one did, and there will be more shocks, twists and turns!

I have published a review of Jo’s first book by a good friend, and you will find that on our Facebook page. Please like/follow us on FB, to keep up to date with our news, enter competitions, read reviews and new excerpts from up and coming books to be published. Also, if you would like to submit a review to us so that we can publish it on FB, please let me know through the contact page 🙂

Please be aware that due to shocking delays still within the NZ Post service, we are only using a courier for the books now. This will guarantee both tracking and knowing the book won’t take over a month to get it it’s destination! The cost has been added into the price already. I would ask that if you have multiple orders or are rural delivery, that you contact me through the contact page, and we will work out the price privately. Thank you.

Remember, we have the cheapest books available, and we aim to keep it that way, so please get your orders in before stock needs to be reordered – this can take a long time, due to the printers being in Australia, and in the region that is currently back in lockdown.

Much blessing always,

Published by SandiSparkleWilson

Sandi is first, and foremost, a wife to Neil, mother to Stephanie, Julianna and Sammy and a woman of Faith. Sandi, through SparkleMoon Publishing, helps other new and published authors, with getting their own works out into the Literary field. Sandi loves to travel and immerse herself in new cultures and experiences, is a bit of a movie buff and loves researching the more ‘interesting’ things in life! Currently, Sandi is writing the sequel to her Internationally released novel 'Mirabelle' with other literary works in the pipeline.

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