Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson’s Newest Release!

Dr Dobson’s Newest Release

This project has a deeply personal meaning for me (Sandi). Dr Dobson so graciously, asked me to contribute a story for the book, very early on in the piece. Long before I knew that I would open a Publishing business, and long before I realised that I would be publishing Dr Dobson’s work.

In the pages of this devotional, you will be taken on a journey, one that will intrigue you, inspire you, challenge you and possibly make you weep.

With the brushstroke of a mighty Scribe, Dr Dobson has woven deep emotive poetry, alongside anointed artwork that give you pause to reflect, and then skilfully written devotionals that will touch your deepest of hearts.

Within the stories and testimonials, are subjects of loss, imprisonment, torment, addiction, abandonment and abuse – to name a few. Even as I was editing these tremendous works, there were times I had to get up and walk away. Tears rolling down my face, fogging up my glasses and the desperate need of a tissue or two!

I am deeply and profoundly proud of this literary work, and all that have dared to share a vulnerable and incredibly touching side to their lives, and indeed their stories.

May the Lord bless each and every one of you, and touch your heart as you read, contemplate and give thanks for, ‘From the Shadows of My Soul.’

As always, you are able to order the book from our Store.

Abundant blessings

Published by SandiSparkleWilson

Sandi is first, and foremost, a wife to Neil, mother to Stephanie, Julianna and Sammy and a woman of Faith. Sandi, through SparkleMoon Publishing, helps other new and published authors, with getting their own works out into the Literary field. Sandi loves to travel and immerse herself in new cultures and experiences, is a bit of a movie buff and loves researching the more ‘interesting’ things in life! Currently, Sandi is writing the sequel to her Internationally released novel 'Mirabelle' with other literary works in the pipeline.

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