Some Exciting News ‼️

In leading this little band of literary Warriors into the great beyond, it happened upon me that I was shooting myself in the proverbial foot.

The thought of breaking into the American book market, was something that seemed afar off, and jolly expensive. Just looking up and finding ways to merge or collaborate with established publishers over there, was going to be nigh on impossible – until I had a conversation with a friend.

This friend was looking for a new agent, as her agent in the States, had come into some difficult times. My antenna popped up (Neil will be excited at my radio tech speak there!). “I have friends in America,” I exclaimed! “I will contact them all.”

Well then, that wasn’t such a great idea, because what if they all said no, or they all said yes? I wheedled it down and realised it could only be one person. So, after some funny conversations and prayer, I am so excited to announce we have a USA Marketing Liaison Director, Charlotte Lute.

Marketing Liaison Director, Charlotte Lute.

Charlotte hails from Hampton, Georgia – the great state of peaches 🍑! Having been a professional chef throughout her adult years, Charlotte now works within the printing industry in a myriad of roles. Never one to rest on her laurels, Charlotte is a keen adventurer, often heading off to some of the more interesting geographical locations, such as Israel – where she met yours truly.

With a keen love of Yeshua at her helm, Charlotte traverses the great landscapes of God’s word, learning Torah, interpreting Greek & Hebrew scriptures, understanding the role of end time events, and a great love of witnessing to those who venture onto her path, with the Gospel of Yeshua.

Alongside her adventure partner and beloved husband Michael, Charlotte takes great delight in her two children and three beautiful grandchildren.

We are so delighted to have Charlotte on board, and can’t wait to see the brimming creativity, strategies and ideas that will ensue!

So, in the meantime dear ones, be blessed and have a great day!!

Sandi 🙂

Bundle Deal 📚💥

Journeys of the Heart books 1 & 2

To celebrate the new release of Shepherd of the Heart, we have a great deal for you!!

Buy both book one and two for $38.99, only through our bookstore and for a limited time only.

Stock is very limited – so first in, first served 👍

NEW ZEALAND customers only.

“SHEPHERD” is here!!

Shepherd of the Heart by J. L. Dawson

Hi folks

So, we finally have Shepherd of the Heart, in our hands, which will be flying out the door to all those who pre-ordered, very shortly!

This series, narrated by the matriarch of the family Abigail Collins, promises to keep you in suspense, and also have you scratching your head with a few left-field surprises! This is something that as a publisher, I really appreciate about Jo as an author. Just when you think you’ve overcome a situation, or that things are settled into a sense of normality, then BOOM – along comes plots, twists and trials that had me experiencing all manner of emotions, all at once!

I look back at the manuscript of this particular book, and I had scrawled through the margins, wondering where the heck Abigail’s narration was taking me – and then all of sudden, the storyline made complete sense. Amongst the LARGE question marks I had put on some pages, so that I could ask Jo just what she was thinking, there came the ticks; the book answered itself for me so there was no need to have any conversations at all!

To appreciate the style in which Jo has written, is to know the painstaking months of research, the handling of writing in an American style, the learning of grammatical styles and vocabulary that were both foreign to her and to myself. Understanding that there are very different rules to which she had to write by, and that we both in turn, had to edit by, was a difficult but very rewarding exercise. I have great respect for someone who has obviously been gifted with words and storytelling, to be able to hand this gift over to be polished and turned into the beauty that was always in there.

Please remember that there is a REVIEW button on our FB page, and we’d love for you to put up something, if only a few words or one sentence – it all helps.

Our other exciting news, is that we are in pre-production for Sharmaine’s new book “A Whisper in the Storm”. This promises to provide more stories and artwork that will both challenge, uplift and give pause for deep thought.

Take care friends, stay warm and be blessed.


🎊🥳 NEW RELEASE!!! 🎉🎈📚

Shepherd of the Heart by J. L. Dawson

We at SparkleMoon Publishing, are so excited to announce our brand new release, Shepherd of the Heart by J. L. Dawson!

“Abigail’s heart has healed and she has found happiness and love again with Andrew. As they embark on their marriage, trials and challenges line their way. Holding onto each other and their growing family, they persevere through many obstacles in their path, facing their fears, new opportunities and a journey West. When a person from the past threatens to destroy everything they have built, can Andrew shepherd his family through it all? Will the Good Shepherd intervene before their lives and their marriage are left in tatters?”

We are now taking pre-orders for this awesome Book Two, in the Journeys of the Heart series, in The Store.

Much blessings

SMP Update!

Hello friends

What a month May is turning out to be!
Some amazing opportunities have made their way to our wee corner of the world, and we have some exciting news to share.

Firstly, SMP was asked if they would like a promotion to be featured on Instagram. Since that is where we generate the most traffic and have the most interactive followers, the answer of course was YES! So today, that was posted on @newzealandwander’s feed and story. They have over 51,000 followers, so it’s very worthwhile for a small company such as ours, to be featured on.

NewZealandWander Feature

Secondly, and it’s a bit of a fluke really – one of the photos I posted on our SMP Instagram was picked up by a local magazine here in this area, @junctionmag and posted to their feed and story too!

JunctionMag Feature

Thirdly, I (Sandi) was told that my books had been chosen to feature in a Christian catalogue that comes out later this month – I was both shocked and deeply humbled.

We are currently nearly finished the production of Jo’s second book in the Journeys of the Heart series, and it’s looking fabulous! We will be opening up the pre-orders very soon 🙂

Shepherd of the Hear sneak peak!

Sharmaine has the concept and is gathering stories and creating artwork for her forth-coming book, so these ladies sure are keeping me busy!!

In the meantime, whilst the weather is getting chilly and the days are getting bleaker, I pray that you will find joy and delight all around you ❤

Much blessing

From My Perspective

The old & new covers of Mirabelle.

I remember being so green when it came to being a new author. Even though I had an internationally known Publishing House behind me, there really wasn’t alot of advice or direction given, in order for me to flourish. It was difficult, watching people alongside me, relishing in their new found role as ‘published author’ and yet for me, there seemed to be, a whole lot of…..nothing.

So, after plowing through my contract and seeing what I COULD do, I set about a plan. Or actually, I stumbled through every day, wondering what I could do next?

It seemed to me, that having a Publisher in England, was not actually beneficial to me. There wasn’t phone support, emails were sometimes disregarded, there wasn’t a ‘person’ I could touch base with, but there was something I had, that other’s didn’t necessarily have: an inquisitive nature.

Not only did I set about finding all the search engines available to me, I learnt the ISBN numbers on my e-book and softcover books, by memory. I went about, spending hours and hours, finding all the databases and websites, where my book eventually ended up on. I found it on over 400 websites! And I marvelled at how little old me, could be all over the world!

I then went on and compiled similar lists for friends who had published books around the same time as me. I wanted to see them succeed, but it seems that wasn’t reciprocated. I was used for my knowledge, and left behind in the dust. The truth is, I wasn’t very good at marketing myself, and I actually found myself in quite a depressed state.

My daughter took it upon herself to take the posters that the Publisher had sent over, and got about our village posting them in several shops. Some shops consented to having the small postcards and bookmarks in their shops as well, which was very generous.

I got to blogging about where I was at, and what it was like being a ‘published author.’ It was the weirdest of times indeed!

My contract said I wasn’t allowed to approach any bookstores, distributors, magazines or newspapers, as my inexperience could jeopardize my chances of having my book supplied with them. Meanwhile I watched a fellow author, market herself until the cows came home! Still, she was self-published, and I wasn’t, so there are different needs and strategies there.

I approached our local and national library, and even though my book wasn’t published in New Zealand, because I was a local author, they took my book on anyways – yay for me! I then found the ‘book request’ section on the Auckland Libraries website, and asked them to order the book in – they ordered in three! And it was booked for eight solid months in a row – that was good!

I sent my books to some of my favourite Ministers etc, and that was rather disheartening. After all, who am I and what is this book that I was sending to them for free? My Publisher hadn’t done me any favours, in terms of the blurb, or the artwork. I look back now, and I cringe! Why didn’t anyone step up and say the original cover wasn’t up to parr? Never mind my feelings being hurt, honesty is the best way.

The former Publisher had a section where people could write their reviews, and 99% were fantastic. I knew I had a story that had been God-inspired, but you just never know how things will be perceived. In the end, I don’t write for others, I write what my Abba Father puts on my heart – that’s it.

Going forward, it all fizzled. Nothing was really happening, sales were dismal. And the Publisher was in breach of contract, several times over. So, I found myself a Literary lawyer, who incidentally had been a journalist for over ten years in England, and she knew her stuff. I got my rights back to the book, and formally ended the contract. It ended on a positive note, and so I could move on.

My husband and I had established a indie Publishing House, two weeks before covid hit, and the first lockdown gave us a chance to re-educate ourselves. Watching endless tutorials on the whole publishing world, alongside the fact that I had been studying publishing/editing in Certification, plus all the knowledge I had garnered from my own experience – we were off!

Our experience lead me to publish a small book on my journey with my Dad into the world of Dementia. Funnily enough, without any advertising here in New Zealand, the book is doing well internationally. I never expected that, and am only now ready to market that story nationwide.

We then felt ready to (not really, but full of faith nonetheless) to bring on some other authors. I would say the rest is history, but there are a few more things to share yet!

It’s one thing to write a book, it’s another thing entirely to find an audience for this book. You may have written the most inspired book of all time, but if you don’t have an audience, you’re finished . An author needs to quit writing, and start investigating, start researching and start learning the world they have now found themselves in. Alongside their Publisher, they need to be thinking about alternative marketing, advertising and sales strategies, within the context of their Contract. They need to OWN the work they have created, and educate themselves continually by watching and reading tutorials, articles etc that will give them a greater edge. They need to avail themselves for interviews, both in person and in print, and they need to be open to advice. If they are constantly making excuses for not maintaining their own blogs, websites or social media, then they are doing themselves a large disservice.

Watch this space – SparkleMoon Publishing is aiming for the sky 😉

Interview with Jo Dawson

Jo Dawson

Hello Peoples!

I got Jo to answer a few questions, so go ahead and check out the article below: 👇👇👇

From Idea to Reality

What a process, writing a book! I never knew I had it in me. When I finally held the finished book in my hand it was a surreal feeling. The process had felt long, but in reality from start to finish it was relatively fast. I couldn’t believe I had done it, a real book; a bona fide book I could show to people with my name on it! Of course in reality it was a team effort. My friend Sandi, my publisher, worked tirelessly; I have no idea how many hours she put into making my dream happen. I really don’t even know the process because she took on the lion’s share of making it happen. I feel blessed that I can just write. 

            Every step of the process I doubted myself, I really believed my story wasn’t that good and wouldn’t really sell. The fact is, I started writing it about twelve years ago and shelved it after nine chapters, because I just didn’t think It was good enough. Then to have a friend read it and beg for more and more until the book became a series, was quite something. I never expected it and when I started writing it all those years ago, I never really thought it would happen.

            I remember seeing the cover art for the book; the final copy and pinning it up on my pin board. I’d look at it every day and it felt so unreal! This was mine, I had done this. The talent of the graphic designer was amazing too. That he caught my vision was remarkable; it turned out so much better than I ever thought it would!

            I’m immensely thankful to the people who made it happen for me – my publisher, the graphic designer, people who’ve read and edited my stories. I never would have got it past my computer had it not been for them. I love just being able to focus on the writing.

            Many people have asked me how I come up with ideas or how I get the story to flow but I really am not sure of the answer? For me, it started with the character Abigail. She lived in my head for a few years before I put anything on page, it was like the story grew around her. I would sit at my keyboard and just put myself into Abigail’s mindset then the words would tumble out. I would dream about her and the things that happened to her.

            I read widely in the genre I write in and I’ve watched many tv shows and movies too set in the same kind of era. I feel like I’m familiar with it, despite being in another country and time. Sometimes I feel like I know the 19th Century better than my own.  The struggle I find is really what to leave out of the story; sometimes I wake up and think ‘no my character wouldn’t have said that or done that’ and I go and correct it. I’ve so loved developing characters, especially my feisty heroines! Some are based on people I’ve encountered in my life, and some are entirely fictional, but I feel like they’ve become friends and family to me in some ways. When I finished writing about the Collins family, I felt like I’d lost family. I’ve decided I’ll write more about them, their legacy is so real to me now.

            I’ve started a second series based on a Mountie and his life, learning to juggle between his duty and his commitment to family. It’s called “Twixt Duty and Love.” It looks like it will be three books at this stage. Watch this space! 

            I have a few other stories floating around in my head that hopefully I’ll get onto the screen at some point. I don’t have as much time to write as I’d like, some days I wish I could insert a flash drive into my brain and download all the ideas!!

            Has writing a book changed me? Yes! It’s an exciting and humbling experience, it has helped me to believe in myself. Having people tell me they like my story has been incredible, people can relate to the characters and all the things they face. It may be set in the 19th century, but all those situations are still faced today. Woven through the first book is a lot of my own story and that’s made me feel quite vulnerable at times, putting my heart out there on the page and running the risk of people poking holes in it. I’ve been hugely surprised though at who has been touched by it.

            I get to fill in the ‘occupation’ box on forms with ‘author’ now and it’s very surreal, but I’m hooked! I love to write now and the stories just seem to grow. I usually have a start point, an end point, a main character and a title when I begin and it just grows from there into something, even I find extraordinary.  It’s a God-given talent, it can’t be anything else. He gives me the words that I hope will encourage and inspire others to persevere and hold onto hope in life, no matter what it throws at you.

            I look forward to book two coming soon and I hope my readers love them as much as I do!!

February Update!

Well, we are into February now; the kids were back at school, and Mum (me) was going to have the time to get refocused on writing and publishing! And then Lockdown Level Three happened for us in the Auckland Region 😦 Never mind, I had homeschooled my two daughters for five years, so having Sir at home and doing most of his work on his Chromebook and through Zoom, isn’t much of a bother.

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and new years. It was so good to sit back and relax – I think I even read a book or three 🙂

‘Shepherd of the Heart’ by J. L. Dawson

As most of you may know by now, we are in the process of getting Jo’s second book, ‘Shepherd of the Heart’ ready for publishing. This promises to grip you as the first one did, and there will be more shocks, twists and turns!

I have published a review of Jo’s first book by a good friend, and you will find that on our Facebook page. Please like/follow us on FB, to keep up to date with our news, enter competitions, read reviews and new excerpts from up and coming books to be published. Also, if you would like to submit a review to us so that we can publish it on FB, please let me know through the contact page 🙂

Please be aware that due to shocking delays still within the NZ Post service, we are only using a courier for the books now. This will guarantee both tracking and knowing the book won’t take over a month to get it it’s destination! The cost has been added into the price already. I would ask that if you have multiple orders or are rural delivery, that you contact me through the contact page, and we will work out the price privately. Thank you.

Remember, we have the cheapest books available, and we aim to keep it that way, so please get your orders in before stock needs to be reordered – this can take a long time, due to the printers being in Australia, and in the region that is currently back in lockdown.

Much blessing always,

Guest Author – Joy E. Allen

Joy E. Allen

Interpreting the Times

The Prophetic declaration for 2020, amongst other words, was that it would be a year of insight, understanding, clarity of vision, and notwithstanding the naysayers and critics of the prophetic voice, it has been just that. I came to that realisation when reading the book, “Live not by Lies”[1] and reviewing the past year.

2020 for me was an adventure in faith and discovery. An adventure does not always import excitement and awe, in fact my journey was often punctuated with dread and fear, but most of all I learned more about myself, destiny, and inheritance. Given that I was born shortly after the end of World War II, I am socially classified as a “white baby-boomer”; so while rhetorically that gifts me, in this current political and cultural climate, the status of being “cancelled” by default, I do however have a voice, I do have identity, I do have a future, and I do have purpose.

The first enlightenment of 2020 was when we were living and working in a South Pacific island nation and observing what I call the manifestation of victimhood. The leaders of the Solomon Islands sold their souls and the soul of their nation to the “kindness and generosity” of the CCP. They effectively surrendered the Sovereignty of their nation and the future of their children motivated by greed, entitlement, self-interest, and lust for power.

The next and principal enlightenment of 2020 unpacked gradually as we observed with growing interest and disquiet President Trump’s tenure (we had prayed for his 2016 appointment) and the repeated attempts to impeach, discredit and undermine or block his presidency. The hatred palpable, the lies and fake news so blatant and disturbing. We were staggered by the treasonous and vile rhetoric, but knew we were witnessing the battle for the soul of the nation. We were mindful of the tenuous position of our own small country the media perpetrating the deception by regurgitating the lies with impunity and no accountability. We were fascinated by the gradual exposing of the “swamp creatures” their evil agendas, the hijacking of the media and the truth, the extent and depth of corruption, the real political and cultural intent of the “elite” and Globalists, surpassed only by the criminal activity to steal the elections.

In 2015 I had a dream the interpretation of which was about China as a Trojan Horse, the word was that “China will conquer by stealth”. That same year I became aware of China’s expansionist agenda when one of New Zealand’s largest beef and sheep stations (Lochinver Station almost 14,000 ha) was under a conditional agreement for sale and approved by the OIA (Overseas Investment Office). I remember being intensely burdened to pray for that sale to be blocked. Thank you Father God, the Government at the time rejected the bid because the benefit to New Zealand did not meet the Legal definition of “substantial and identifiable”.  China have however continued to buy up our assets, steal our intellectual property and appropriate some of our most valuable resources. The Chinese Communist Party are like Mafia bosses they make an offer you cannot refuse, and when you succumb to, or are beguiled by,[2] their “attractive” offer (usually large sums of money) they then take ownership of you, a strategy we observed in the Solomon Islands.  While in Honiara I was watching a Chinese Television program early November 2019[3]  which reported at first, 2 cases of Pneumonic Plague. I remembered those reports later when news of the Wuhan virus[4] started filtering through, and the CCP tried to keep secret the source and progress of the virus. Another 2020 expose and manifested through the cyber-attacks, interference and hijacking of the American elections, and the further revelations of Chinese ideological influence in the Universities of the US, Australia, NZ, and other countries.

The most recent insight was from my bible reading in Ezra (which I had been studying for more than a year). There are so many parallels and lessons from Ezra and associated prophets of that time (Haggai and Zechariah) in relation to our time. Ezra 1 verse 1 speaks of the Lord stirring up the spirit of King Cyrus so that the word of the Lord through Jeremiah might be fulfilled. The Hebrew word for stirring up (Uwr) is defined as “opening the eyes, literally or figuratively, out of sleep and into a sense of excitement or triumph”. God stirred or awakened the spirit of Cyrus the gentile king. His spiritual eyes were opened to direct the return of the Jews to Jerusalem.

So to those who came to the end of 2020 and claimed the Prophets were wrong and that there was no 20/20 insight, revelations, or understanding, then they are asleep, and their spirits need to be awakened!! Lest they miss the hour of the visitation that is coming. 

Joy and husband David, have recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They have six daughters and ten grandchildren. 
Recently retired from a career in Law as a Criminal Barrister (though not from life), Joy is actively pursuing her next assignment.
As an unashamed lover of God, she is passionate about Justice and Truth, and is now finding her voice through writing.

[1] Live not by Lies, A Manual for Christian Dissidents: Rod Dreher

[2] Genesis 3;13



Happy 2021 from SMP!

Photo by Anna-Louise on

I trust that you are all well and enjoying the summer weather, here in NZ. Currently it is raining, which is great for the water tanks and gardens!

For us, the second half of 2020 was in one word – INSANE! Publishing singlehandedly, five books, and doing all that extra behind the scenes work, certainly took it’s tool and therefore I am taking an extended break until February 1st.

Please note, as of February, all books ordered through SMP will be sent only by courier. The time delays with mail is ridiculous, so it’s safer and more time efficient to courier here in NZ. This of course will increase the prices of books, but we still are the cheapest supplier around.

There will be some changes coming up this year, and there will be some great events to look forward too – such as Book Launches! It’s going to be awesome.

Have a great rest of January – my birthday month – and we’ll see you in early Feb.

Kind regards
SparkleMoon Publishing.